David Baughman

David has been thrust into intense situations, often with a ‘fix or sell within 90 days’ imperative. It’s been said that “He is never intimidated by crisis.”

David Baughman is the consummate Operating professional, who has brought P&L leadership experience to a broad range of sectors, stages of growth, and business environments. His experience includes aerospace, automotive, industrial, and oil & gas. In every engagement, David has dramatically, and profitably accelerated the company’s growth through his deep grasp of all functions and leverage points. Equity participants see virtually immediate acceleration of the topline, gross margin improvement, and EBITDA margin gains. Those quantifiable measures are his keys to unlocking shareholder value.

David is a trained Lean Champion by the Lean Enterprise Institute consulting group and holds credentials for Positive Management Leadership from the Columbia University Emerging Leadership Development program. He resides with his wife in the Fort Worth area, and enjoys reading history, working outdoors, and golf.

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