Frank Barnett

Fractional CMO

With 30 years of marketing experience, Frank specializes in working with small to mid-size companies and scrappy, find-a-way teams. He has worked with high-profile organizations such as Cadbury Beverages and British Telecom. His expertise lies in developing and scaling marketing operations, optimizing sales and marketing processes, martech stacks and CRMs, and product launches and branding across multiple channels.

Frank is a marketing generalist, excelling in multifunctional roles, and has a talent for aligning teams around common goals. He is a resourceful, creative, and performance-driven marketing expert with a proven track record of generating growth and revenue for organizations. His expertise lies in developing high-impact marketing collateral that positions organizations as authoritative thought leaders in their industries. Frank is highly skilled in delivering an optimized customer experience that fosters brand loyalty, shaping the processes and policies that sustain an innovation-driven, data-informed, and highly profitable organization.

Frank’s core strengths make him an excellent fractional CMO for your business. He can develop and deploy engaging marketing assets, leverage social media to strengthen customer relationships, automate key marketing processes, maximize web conversion rates, implement a unified set of brand standards in all customer touchpoints, and stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends. Frank is an agile thinker who can quickly adapt to changes in the rapidly evolving marketing space, respond effectively to evolving industry trends, and drive your organization to success.

Frank’s communication skills are exceptional, and he is a skilled mentor, coach, and facilitator. He excels at cross-functional collaboration and team leadership, making him an excellent choice for a fractional CMO. Frank’s key skills include SEO & SEM strategy, data analysis & reporting, social media marketing, lead generation/follow-through, customer segmentation/outreach, multi-channel content creation, campaign management, and go-to-market strategies. Choose Frank Barnett as your fractional CMO, and watch your business thrive.

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