Jason C. Scoggins

Operations / Continuous Improvement Leader

A driven and dependable executive with a proven record of leading from the front to promote unity and collaboration, who has prioritized integrity, professionalism, work ethic, and culture from virtually every level of business. Jason has enjoyed 20 successful years in the implementation of best practices and improved business processes while  focusing on operational efficiencies, successful marketing strategies, employee retention, and elevated customer service standards. A strong operations and marketing acumen created a dynamic asset skilled in the execution of business plans, P&L results, accountability and providing the cadence that keeps a business running smoothly. Jason is an expert in developing and leading teams in Operations, Marketing, Branding, Organic Growth, Business Development, and Networking. He is a bilingual leader with a multifaceted background in a variety of industries and disciplines that includes manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, industrial construction, food and beverage, fabrication, natural resources, startups, and skilled trades.

Jason has started 4 successful businesses since 2013 and navigated the sale of 3 of the 4. Active as an Integrator for companies running on EOS since 2018, Jason is uniquely qualified to help small business owners develop and drive organizations to grow and thrive while helping the team develop leadership skills for today and tomorrow.

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